Announcing Boolife!

We are proud to announce our new brand BooLife. Boolife will incorporate a range of products and services from Bamboo Crafts and Teas to Shampoos made from our own gardens. Healthful plants and herbs, custom smoking blends, vaping blends, tinctures and extracts. And of course our favorite. Bamboo.
Yes, We are OPEN by appointment
Bamboo Nursery visits, Please call in advance 561-753-6630 We Are OPEN Sundays for POLES only. too!
We are a Mom & Pop nursery and we really need and want your business!

We carry Bamboo Poles / Canes, standard Moso and Tonkin cane, also fresh grown and custom pieces available.

Announcing New site!

This post is to announce the new website,

This site is dedicated to the Art and Craft of Bamboo and is where I will be posting all the products made by me from the bamboo we grow here. I will be taking most of the products off the site and […]

Designs in Bamboo

I have taken to making many things from bamboo, lately I have been drawn to jewelry and other items of beauty. Bamboo is all about beauty and strength, and I try to show the massive and the delicate sides in my work. Some items are functional and some are just pretty to look […]

Wellington Green Market

We are no longer participating in the Wellington Green Market.

If we decide to join the Green Market again this season we will post the dates here.

Located at 12165 W Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414

The website is

Google Map of Location […]

Fall Bamboo Chores

First things first, clean out any dead or dying canes from your clumps. We want the bamboos to go into winter as healthy and vibrant as possible, if a cane only has a few leaves left on it, remove it. To remove canes cut with a saw or pruner near the […]

Decorating with Bamboo

Bamboo is not just a pretty plant, it’s not just food and fuel and fodder… it’s not just for windbreaks or soil erosion control or construction. It’s not just furniture or musical instruments or walking canes!

There are thousands of uses for this sustainable plant, and one of the least talked about […]

Bamboo and Hurricanes

OK, you are in South Florida and a Hurricane is coming…. you have a LOT to do! What do you do about your Bamboo?

Well, you can remove any dead canes, that’s a plus. If you have very large bamboos you are worried about being uprooted you can top them down a […]

Thank You!

Just a note to say Thank You! To all the wonderful people we met at the Royal Palm Art & Music Festival!

Hope to see you all again soon!

Remember we will take custom orders for Flutes, Wind-chimes and Walking Canes!

Please visit South Florida Bamboo to see all our […]

Do you really buy Green?

Many products are claimed to be “green” these days. But how green are they really? Bamboo has made a splash recently in the “green” world because it’s so sustainable and useful. Bamboo is a “grass” and as such it is faster growing than trees. A tropical clumping bamboo can reach maturity in 5-6 […]

What do you do with your Bamboo?

So. What do you do with your bamboo?

That’s a question I would love to hear answered. In the mean time I’ll tell you what we do at Palm Beach Bamboo.

The answer depends on the bamboo! In general when you harvest bamboo canes for use in products or projects you […]

Rahn a Flutemaker!

The bamboos in our landscape are now over six years old and so I thought it was time to utilize the wonderful resource that is bamboo!

I have always loved making things and bamboo lends itself to become so many different things I was interested to see what I could do. I […]