Announcing Boolife!

We are proud to announce our new brand BooLife. Boolife will incorporate a range of products and services from Bamboo Crafts and Teas to Shampoos made from our own gardens. Healthful plants and herbs, custom smoking blends, vaping blends, tinctures and extracts. And of course our favorite. Bamboo.
Yes, We are OPEN by appointment
Bamboo Nursery visits, Please call in advance 561-753-6630 We Are OPEN Sundays for POLES only. too!
We are a Mom & Pop nursery and we really need and want your business!

We carry Bamboo Poles / Canes, standard Moso and Tonkin cane, also fresh grown and custom pieces available.





If you have any interest in Bamboo at all, we encourage you to join the American Bamboo Society.

All of the plants listed below are growing at our nursery in various stages – they may or may not be available for sale please call for availability.


Bambusa atra
Bambusa boniopsis
Bambusa chungii – Tropical Blue Bamboo, White Bamboo – Absolutely Stunning!! Bambusa chungii ‘Barballata’ – Smaller version of Chungii – Also Stunning!

Bambusa Dolichoclada Hayata
Bambusa edulis
Bambusa emeiensis ‘Flavidorivens’ – Tight Clumper – Very Pretty
Bambusa emeiensis ‘Viridiflavus’ – Unusual – Very Pretty
Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridi-vittata’ – Old Name -Bambusa textilis Vittata – Small and Pretty

Bambusa Gibba
Bambusa Heterostachya (glaucophylla) – Malay Dwarf – This one grows like a big bush! Shape it! Have Fun!

Bambusa intermedia
Bambusa lako – Timor Black Bamboo – Elegant – Tight fast growing Clumps – Gorgeous!
Bambusa longispiculata – LOST IN HURRICANE
Bambusa luteostriata ( G. 4776? )
Bambusa malingensis – Small leaves – Delicate – Dense – Very Pretty Screen Plant
Bambusa membranacea – Large Cool Bamboo!
Bambusa mutabilis – Emerald Bamboo – Very Straight and Tight – A Favorite!
Bambusa oldhamii – Oldham’s Bamboo – A good standard for tight clumping Large Bamboo

Bambusa pervariablis
Bambusa pervariabilis ‘Viridistriata’ – Sunburst Bamboo – Very pretty color yellow – not too tall

Bambusa piscaporum (Fishing Pole Bamboo)
Bambusa guangxiensis

Bambusa Rigida
Bambusa textilis – Slender Weavers – Tight Clumps – Very pretty arching tops

Bambusa textilis Glabra
Bambusa textilis var. gracilis – Graceful Bamboo – As the name implies – Very Graceful
Bambusa textilis ‘Kanapaha’ Royal Bamboo, Wong Chuk – Unusual clone – large plant
Bambusa textilis var.albostriata ( albolineata )  – Textilis with white stripes!
Bambusa textilis var. Scranton – Very new -reported as Gracilis size with smaller branches, we’ll see.

Bambusa textilis ‘Maculata’
Bambusa textilis ‘dwarf’ ( Said to only get to 15′ tall, we shall see )
Bambusa tulda  f. ‘Striata’ – Waiting to see

Bambusa validus

Bambusa variostriata
Bambusa ventricosa ‘Kimmei’ – Cool Red colors and Belly effect.
Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin striata’ – Very cool belly effect with stripes! Not too tall!
Bambusa vulgaris ‘Vittata’ – Golden Hawaiian Bamboo,Painted Bamboo – Big Yellow!
Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’ Dwarf Buddha’s Belly Bamboo – Very cool belly effect! Not Tall!

Cephalostachyum pergracile
Chusquea coronalis

Dendrocalamus asper – ( Malaysian sweet bamboo ) Big Cool Bamboo!
Dendrocalamus asper ‘Betung Hitam’ – Big Cool Black Bamboo!! Rare in Florida.
Dendrocalamus brandisii – Big Beatiful Bamboo! Impressive!
Dendrocalamus calastachys
Dendrocalamus giganteus
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii – Nice Big Bamboo
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii ‘red’- Nice Big Bamboo Red Shoots
Dendrocalamus minor ‘Amoenus’ – Angel Mist Bamboo – Fabulous Garden Bamboo – Jade Color
Dendrocalamus validus

Gigantochloa 4776 variegated
now Bambusa luteostriata

Gigantochloa atroviolacea – Tropical Black Bamboo – Big Beautiful Black Fountain!!

Gigantochloa.pseudoarundinacea – Quail
Gigantochloa.pseudoarundinacea Neufeld
Gigantochloa ridleyi

Guadua angustifolia – Lesser Thorny

Guadua angustifolia – Giant Thorny

Guadua amplexifolia

Guadua aureocaulis- ( moonlight ) Cream striped cane and varigaited leaves. New.

Neohouzeaua mekongensis – (lost to hurricane – et us know if you have one!)

Otatea acuminata ‘Aztecorum’ MEXICAN WEEPING

Otatea acuminata ‘acuminata’ Smaller MEXICAN WEEPING ( Only one…)
Otatea sp. Mayan Silver – New in Florida! We’ll see how this one goes!

Otatea acuminata aztecorum ‘Michoacan’

Otatea acuminata aztecorum ‘Chica'( Dwarf seedling of mexican weeping)

Otatea fimbriata

Pseudosasa japonica ARROW BAMBOO (YADAKE) – Runner – but cool.

Schizostachyum brachycladum (Green Form)

Schizostachyum brachycladum (yellow form) – Sacred Bali – Butterscotch Culms

Thyrsostachys siamensis MONASTERY BAMBOO – A real Looker! Fine tuft appearance.

Thyrsostachys siamensis affinis – A smaller version. A real Looker! Fine tuft appearance.




We will put up pictures as we can, 

The World’s Largest Bamboo Image Gallery"

Do yourself your neighbors and your planet a favor… PLANT BAMBOO TODAY!

We specialize in tropical bamboos for South Florida.

Please check for availability of the bamboo you are interested in.

We are choosing Bamboo stock on it’s merits as a landscape plant, specializing in plants suited to the South Florida area (We also collect interesting species on their own merit ).

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