Announcing Boolife!

We are proud to announce our new brand BooLife. Boolife will incorporate a range of products and services from Bamboo Crafts and Teas to Shampoos made from our own gardens. Healthful plants and herbs, custom smoking blends, vaping blends, tinctures and extracts. And of course our favorite. Bamboo.
Yes, We are OPEN by appointment
Bamboo Nursery visits, Please call in advance 561-753-6630 We Are OPEN Sundays for POLES only. too!
We are a Mom & Pop nursery and we really need and want your business!

We carry Bamboo Poles / Canes, standard Moso and Tonkin cane, also fresh grown and custom pieces available.



We care about every single bamboo we raise or sell and we care about your experience with bamboo, let us help you choose the right bamboo.

Our goal is to promote the use of non-invasive tropical bamboo in South Florida Landscapes and Grandscapes!.

We believe the graceful beauty of Bamboo enhances, by contrast, the natural native landscapes.

Many Florida invasive plants are mandated by law to be removed, some of which provide effective screening as well as wildlife habitat.

Tropical bamboo is an effective screening plant that matures quickly, requires little maintenance and is NON- invasive in its growing habit.

( There are invasive Bamboo types – Some are very beautiful and unique, however most do not fair well in South Florida and some are difficult to control. We currently do not offer them for use in the landscape. )

HOW TO PURCHASE: Currently we offer bamboo plants for sale , through our bamboo nursery in Loxahatchee, FL. We Do Not Ship Bamboos. We do deliver. Most plants available at the bamboo nursery tend to be in containers with 7 and 15 gallon sizes most common.

We accept Visa and Matercard.

We require a deposit to hold or transport bamboo please call 561-753-6630 for details.

At this time we supply landscaping companies and individual property owners, we want to work with and educate our customers on every bamboo installation not just sell bamboo.

Due to our position in the industry we have the resources to supply any size order of the most popular bamboos.

The best way to buy bamboo is visit the bamboo nursery and see them in the ground, as well as take an informative tour.

If you are looking for Bamboo Products ( Wind Chimes, Walking Canes, Flutes and more ), please visit our sister sites and






Please check our online Store tab for current pricing or call the nursery at 561-753-6630

Business Hours – Generally 10am – 6pm every day. Open Sundays! Please call first!

For information about tropical bamboos, visit the local ABS chapter website.

Florida Caribbean Chapter Website Click Here!

UPDATE:  Please call us for the best South Florida Bamboo! Picture Page Click Here!

Be sure to check out the picture pages links on the Bamboo page.

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