Announcing Boolife!

We are proud to announce our new brand BooLife. Boolife will incorporate a range of products and services from Bamboo Crafts and Teas to Shampoos made from our own gardens. Healthful plants and herbs, custom smoking blends, vaping blends, tinctures and extracts. And of course our favorite. Bamboo.
Yes, We are OPEN by appointment
Bamboo Nursery visits, Please call in advance 561-753-6630 We Are OPEN Sundays for POLES only. too!
We are a Mom & Pop nursery and we really need and want your business!

We carry Bamboo Poles / Canes, standard Moso and Tonkin cane, also fresh grown and custom pieces available.


A few words about Bamboo

At Palm Beach Bamboo, our goal is two-fold:
· To encourage and develop the use of Tropical Bamboos in the South Florida Landscape
· To inform and educate the Landscape Professional and the public about the beauty and versatility of Tropical Bamboos and the benefits which can be derived by the use of Tropical Bamboos to enhance any Landscape.

Most South Florida Bamboo will be the Clumping, Tropical type, most of which are not invasive in the landscape, and which are varied in size, color and growth habit. Whatever shape is needed for a specific landscape, a Tropical Bamboos can be found to fill the bill! Some will be tightly clumped, some loose, some resemble a bush in shape, others a vase. Some Tropical Bamboos are tall and erect, growing up to 40, 50, 60 feet or more. This is a plant with enthusiasm!

Tropical Bamboos come in striking colors! Blue, Black, Gold and Green are the most common, but even within these colors are more variations. Some shoots may even look like rainbows! Stripes can be found on Bamboo leaves and culms, which lend beautiful detail to the up-close relationship that people seem to form with these plants. The sound of wind rustling through Bamboo leaves is a unique pleasure to enjoy for many years. A properly chosen tropical bamboo in the right environment is exciting to watch! New shoots spring from the ground and start the climb to their ultimate height, leafing out to soak up the sun while providing beautiful shade to relax under.

Bamboo is a varied and complicated species, therefore it is imperative that it be used properly in the landscape. This means that Bamboo must be sold by well-informed, caring professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to "put the right plant in the right place." Tropical Bamboos are not plants which lend themselves well to mega retail stores – TO SELL BAMBOO YOU MUST KNOW BAMBOO. If the bamboo seller can’t tell you the botanical name, the size expected at maturity at the base as well as the height – don’t buy it.


BAMBOO in Pots-

Bamboo that has been raised in pots will not exhibit as much transplant shock as field grown plants, however they have been accustomed to daily watering in the nursery. It is recommended that watering daily for the first 30 days will ease transition for the plant, gradually wean with less and less water daily watching for leaf curl as a sign of dryness. (Leaf curl can occur during the heat of the day even if the plant is well watered, it is best to check the surrounding soil for moisture before adding water.)


BAMBOO in the Ground –

To prepare the hole for planting, dig an area at least twice the size of the container – mix organic material such as black kow evenly with the existing soil. Mix in Palm Beach Bamboo time release fertilizer as on the label directions. Soak the hole with water to create slurry and allow this to settle. Gently remove the bamboo from the pot, try to transplant on cloudy or rainy days, sunny and windy days are not a good time. Score the edges of any root bound areas to encourage root development quickly. Be careful not to cut too deeply. Plant bamboo at ground level or slightly above in a mounded area. Make a trench or water ring around the planting to catch run off irrigation. Regular irrigation and fertilization will maximize your bamboos growth, removing dead or old growth will keep your bamboo beautiful. Enjoying your bamboo will bring you smiles.

We, at Palm Beach Bamboo, are committed to work closely with Homeowners and Landscape Design Professionals to find the perfect Bamboo to enhance any landscape! Bamboo has a tremendous growth rate – small plants will mature to an elegant Tropical Bamboos within a short 3-4 years, OR large, containerized plants may be purchased for an instant, dramatic effect. NO PLANT GROWS FASTER OR SCREENS BETTER THAN BAMBOO!

There are many beautiful running type Bamboos, however, in order to use them in the landscape they must be contained.

We feel that clumping Bamboos can fill any Bamboo landscape need.

For more information about Bamboo, we recommend the following two websites: