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Winter for Tropical Bamboos


Winter is coming to South Florida and it is time to prepare your Tropical Bamboos.

Last winter was very cold for our area and many bamboos showed the effects, luckily bamboos are tough and survive where other plants fail, however there are a few things we can do to make a cold winter less of a challenge for them.

First things first, clean out any dead or dying canes from your clumps. We want the bamboos to go into winter as healthy and vibrant as possible, if a cane only has a few leaves left on it, remove it. To remove canes cut with a saw or pruner near the bottom, I like using a portable battery operated sawzall with a pruning blade, for thin cane bamboos a pruning shear works fine.

Second is mulch, don’t be afraid to mulch heavily around the bamboos, winter or summer it serves them well. Remember that the bamboos underground system is as important as the above ground, maybe more! So don’t skimp on providing a nice warm blanket of mulch for the winter, add more as needed throughout the year, mulch also protects in summer from the soil baking out.

Third is water, bamboos just love it! Summer is the rainy season here so you may not notice plants in dry areas, but winter will be dryer and some bamboos may show signs of drought stress ( curled leaves ). If you don’t have a regular watering regime, now is a good time to start! Bamboos love drip irrigation but will get by fine with a good sprinkle every few days, mulch also helps with this!

Fourth, show some love! For more sensitive very tropical bamboos, particularly small new plantings, you may need to throw a cover on them or put up a wind block on really cold nights. It’s also a good idea to water pretty heavily on days when a cold night is expected, I have found just laying a sheet over them works wonders.



Some bamboos are going to be a little sad in winter no matter what you do, the good news is they will perk up and look vigorous and beautiful again as soon as spring starts! Here’s to mild winters and beautiful bamboos!


Rahn Skipper



Bamboo Hedges for South Florida


With the Ficus Whitefly invasion many people are looking for a new hedge material and many people just want privacy and don’t know if Bamboo will work for them. Good News! Bamboo can make an excellent hedge in South Florida. Here are a few tips when shopping for a bamboo hedge.

How much planting space do you have? You need to know the Width, the Length and the desired Height. Any Bamboo can be trimmed but you want to match the bamboo to the circumstance as closely as possible. If you only have 1 or 2 feet width to work Buy Generic Viagra Online with it will limit your choices greatly, ideally you want to have 4 to 6 feet width to work with, this will give you a much greater choice in material and require much less maintenance.

Height can be controlled by trimming just as you trim almost any hedge for a formal look, however if you want the natural beauty of the bamboo to shine picking a bamboo that grows to a height you want if the best of both worlds, low maintenance and beauty! If you have no issues with wires or local regulations just letting grow to full height is a great option! If you chose this option be prepared for a 16 – 35 foot high hedge, depending on the bamboo you choose. That will block even the most annoying eyesore!

To keep formal hedges straight and well manicured you may want to have poles and wire guides installed first as a way to keep the bamboo very straight as it grows.

Bamboo requires little maintenance once established although frequent watering is recommended for the first few months after planting, although all bamboos shed leaves they tend to simply mulch themselves.

Bamboo is indeed a beautiful hedge or screen material as well as stunning specimen plants for the landscape!

Some of my favorite bamboos for hedges are:

Bambusa textilis ‘gracilis’

Bambusa textilis ‘dwarf’

Bambusa rigida

Bambusa piscaporum

Bambusa malingensis ( If you have the room! )

Malay Dwarf

Give us a call and we will be glad to answer any questions and help you pick the right bamboo for the job.

Remember Bamboo makes good neighbors!

Rahn Skipper


Simple Planting Instructions for Bamboo


When you get your bamboo home, water it! Bamboo in a nursery is used to consistent watering and expects the same from you.

When digging the hole for the planting make sure it is at least twice the size of the root ball. Loosen the dirt under the planting at least 6" to 1′. We recommend enhancing the soil with organic matter such as Black Kow or similar product mixed 50/50 with the native soil.

Bamboo grows well in most soils preferring sandy and well draining loam to muck or rock. PH can be on the neutral to acid side, they love hanging around the pines! The bamboo should be planted at ground level. Most bamboos do not like their feet wet so do not plant in areas subject to frequent and prolonged flooding. This is especially true of large caned bamboos. 

A mulch ring goes a long way to keep the plant from drying out, water daily for 30 days until the plant is established, do not over water. If the bamboos leaves curl it is a sign of the plant trying to hold in moisture and may need water, this can also happen in full sun on hot days when the plant does not need water, check the soil moisture level before adding water.

If your bamboo shocks on planting ( looses leaves or leaves turn yellow ) good misting will help the transition, don’t worry it will come back with the care outlined here.

We recommend cutting the pot off and scoring the roots, be careful not to cut into the rhizome! Fertilizer is not needed until the plant is established ( 2-3 months ), bamboo is very fond of composted horse or cow manure. If you need to use commercial fertilizer use a slow release Palm Plus micro nutrient type.

Bamboo is generally a very carefree easy plant to grow, just give it a drink when it looks thirsty and enjoy the beauty and wonder that is bamboo!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or 561-753-6630

Thank you for visiting



Summer is here! And so are the Bamboo Mealybugs!


Tropical Clumping Bamboos are tough! So are mealybugs! How do you deal with mealybugs on bamboo? Believe it or not, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. There are of course a variety of chemicals to deal with mealybug and scale, but we like to be as gentle on the earth and the bamboo as possible. The most effective methods we have found are coffee ground mulch/tea and Crypts ( Cryptolaemus montrouzieri ).

Coffee grounds can be had for free at your local Starbucks or you can use your own! Check here for a great article about the effectivness of coffee grounds and tea.

Crypts are only really effective during a full blown infestation, early in the season only a few varieties of bamboos may be shooting, attracting all the mealybugs in the area a shot of crypts followed by the coffee ground treatment should do the trick. Crypts can be obtained online at many beneficial insect dealers. Here is a basic primer on Crypts

Although mealybug infestation is not attractive, it is usually not dangerous to the bamboo. Most bamboos will just outgrow them and harden off, but the do attack new shoots and can cause a shoot to abort. It is best not to ignore them completely.

Some gentle sprays such as Neem oil or Safers and even Ivory soap can also be effective at first signs. Of course there are chemical that work through systemic methods like Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub products.

If you have questions about this post feel free to call or email Palm Beach Bamboo at 561-753-6630 /

Thank you for visiting



Bamboo Wedding Arch


Bamboo wedding arches seem to be popular for beach weddings and beach weddings are popular in South Florida. After doing some web research I realized that Palm Beach Bamboo could supply everything needed for a knock out Bamboo Wedding Arch! We have the poles and the plants! I am even thinking of constructing pre-made kits. I really like the idea of using fresh poles cut just before the wedding and prepared here for easy install, Buy Generic pharmacy I think the color choices are so much better that way and as long as they are done within a week of the wedding they will retain that natural color.

Now that I have done the research, it’s time to build a few prototypes! Stay tuned to see how that turns out! Maybe we will put one up in the gardens here and you can get married here!  

If you have any questions or would like a Bamboo Wedding arch, drop us a line or give us a ring!



Post your Pics! Coming soon…


To all our customers I would like to announce our intention to place a "Post your Pics" page on the website!

Please send us pictures of your bamboos and/or bamboo pole projects and we will post them to the web.


We are very interested to see how you enjoy your bamboos in the landscape, and how you use poles in your projects!

Buy Generic Cialis style=”font-size: medium;”>

Please include whatever info you would like to Caption them with, such as your name or the experience you had or the age of the bamboo… whatever you want!

This page will be posted as soon as we receive some responses! So please send in your photos!

We claim NO RIGHTS to your photos other than to post them on our webpage.

All Photos may be submitted to

Palm Beach Bamboo The South Florida Bamboo Store!


Summer Rains and Bamboo!


Well the summer rains are here again and that signifies a great time to Plant Bamboo!

Bamboos are tough and can survive much adversity however when first planted they do require watering for at least a month. With the summer rains here it is a great time to plant and take advantage of the bonus nature is providing. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to water at all, but many days will be wet enough for the Bamboo to establish on it’s own.

Summer is also a time for vigorous growth! Watch out for new shoots, many will emerge in the summer months. New shoots are fragile and you be careful when mowing or weed whacking around them as they could easily damage.

Watch where you plant! We have a form called "Which Bamboo Buy Generic Levitra is right for you?" This is available by clicking that statement in the left sidebar. This will NOT add you to our mailing list. That form completely filled out will let us recommend the best Bamboo for your location, base size and height are very important! Do NOT plant TALL bamboo under powerlines!

We have just started an email list and as soon as we are confident it is working correctly and everybody who wants in is in and everybody who wants out is out, we will be sending out a valuable coupon in celebration!

We Now Carry Bamboo Poles / Canes!


Due to increasing demand we have decided to stock Bamboo Poles /Canes. We will keep most of the Larger sizes in stock.

We do NOT ship, however Pick up at the Nursery and Local Delivery (Palm Beach, Martin, Broward Counties) is available. Large orders can be drop shipped direct to you, call for details.

We have a large selection of Poles/Canes available, please check our Store for details. Please call to check stock, special orders and out of stock items can buy prescription drugs usually be in house in two or three business days.

Or just click the Store Tab above.

These poles have many uses.

Tonkin bamboo(Arundinaria Ambilis) We currently stock 1 7/8 x 8′ & 12′ (tonkin)  and 10′ (moso) poles in 2", 3" and 4". Typically, the longer the stake the thicker the diameter. These poles are characterized by their straightness and smooth nodes. The primary use for these poles are tree stakes although they can be use for a variety of decorative purposes. They are extremely strong for their their thickness. The larger diameter on this size work well for curtain rods.


These large diameter poles are tan in color and are a very strong "construction" type pole. They will likely have a few scratches and the color varies from pole to pole. Use for supports for structures and can be split in half. Moso bamboo will likely develop hairline or larger cracks over time as they dry and and with changes in the climate. We cannot guarantee against cracking. The large diameter poles will taper down slightly from top to bottom. They are not consitent diameter top to bottom. They have hundreds of decorative uses and structural uses. Sold by the piece. Moso Poles are consruction grade bamboo. Ideal for use in building structures and decorating. You can break through the nodes with a pole if you wish to be able to run something through it. Nodes are spaced from 6" to 12" on average. Nodes are closer near the thick end of the pole.

Hope you like the New Product line!

Rahn Skipper

Palm Beach Bamboo

New Mailing List


We have started a new mailing list, if you have contacted by email in the past you will receive an invitation or you can sign up on the Website.

buy prescription drugs online style=”font-size: larger;”>Contacts from our contact forms will NOT be added to the list, you must sign up on the website.

This list is for sending out announcements of New Products, Coupons and Specials we may be running.

We do not intend to send out updates more than Once per month.

We hope you will join our list and we look forward to helping you enjoy Bamboo!


Rahn Skipper

Palm Beach Bamboo

Winter in South Florida


In South Florida we are not used to very cold weather. Normally we get a few cold nights somewhere near freezing and we seldom get more than a couple nights like that in a row. This year we have had very cold nights and days for up to a week. How does this effect Tropical Bamboos? 

At our nursery in Loxahatchee we have noticed some leaf fall and burn due to the cold, no plants were lost however. Some types such as Bambusa Lako really don’t enjoy the cold and let you know by looking rather rough after a cold snap, but they are in no danger of dying, at least not from the weather we received.

What to do?

Well mulch for one thing, mulch can really help protect the underground portion of the plant which is the most important part to maintaining healthy bamboo.

You can also trim out any dead canes, check closely for new buds on these canes, some may not be dead but dropped all their leaves and are in the process of growing new ones. Dead canes suck energy from the plant and their removal will help invigorate the bamboo.

Make sure water is available, winter is very dry in this area and you need to make sure the plants are getting enough water.

Bamboos are tough plants and can get by very adverse conditions, but a little care can go a long way in keeping them happy and healthy.

Let us know how your plants did, and feel free to post any tips you find useful!

Rahn Skipper

Palm Beach Bamboo


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