Announcing Boolife!

We are proud to announce our new brand BooLife. Boolife will incorporate a range of products and services from Bamboo Crafts and Teas to Shampoos made from our own gardens. Healthful plants and herbs, custom smoking blends, vaping blends, tinctures and extracts. And of course our favorite. Bamboo.
Yes, We are OPEN by appointment
Bamboo Nursery visits, Please call in advance 561-753-6630 We Are OPEN Sundays for POLES only. too!
We are a Mom & Pop nursery and we really need and want your business!

We carry Bamboo Poles / Canes, standard Moso and Tonkin cane, also fresh grown and custom pieces available.


Bamboo Poles and Stakes

We currently stock the following sizes, although we try to maintain a small inventory of each size please call to confirm availability. Poles can be special ordered with a 50% deposit. Poles may be picked up at our location or delivery in the Palm Beach County Area is available. Poles may also be drop shipped to other locations. To order please call 561-753-6630


Moso Poles

These large diameter poles are tan in color and are a very strong "construction" type pole. They will likely have a few scratches and the color varies from pole to pole. Use for supports for structures and can be split in half. Moso bamboo will likely develop hairline or larger cracks over time as they dry and and with changes in the climate. We cannot guarantee against cracking. The large diameter poles will taper down slightly from top to bottom. They are not consitent diameter top to bottom. They have hundreds of decorative uses and structural uses. Moso Poles are consruction grade bamboo. Ideal for use in building structures and decorating. You can break through the nodes with a pole if you wish to be able to run something through it. Nodes are spaced from 6" to 12" on average. Nodes are closer near the thick end of the pole.

Moso 10′ X 4 – 41/2 "   $45.00

Moso 10′ X 3 – 31/2 "   $35.00

Moso 10′ X 2 – 21/2 "   $30.00



Tonkin bamboo(Arundinaria Ambilis). These poles are characterized by their straightness and smooth nodes. The primary use for these poles is for a variety of decorative purposes. They are extremely strong for their thickness. The larger diameter on this size work well for curtain rods.

Tonkin Cane 12′ x 1 7/8"    $25.00 ( Not very tapered )

Stake Poles 10′ X 1 3/8"     $20.00 ( tapered )

Black Poles 10′ x 13/8"       $15.00 ( tapered )


All prices are per piece

A note about poles: Bamboo poles are from bamboo plants, they are NOT lumber and dimensions vary. The above dimensions are for reference and are not exact. Bamboo also splits and cracks and curves, that is the nature of the product. If you need poles that are perfectly straight with no cracks you are welcome to pick over the inventory and pick the most suitable poles for your use. There is no guarantee poles will not split or crack.

Minimum local delivery charge is $45 for most of Palm Beach County $55 for most of Broward or Martin County